2012 Photo Contest Winners

We’ve chosen the winners for this year’s photo contest.

Well over 1,500 photos were submitted to our photo contest this year. Almost all of them were great shots. After much hand-wringing and consideration, we chose 15 finalists, and asked you to choose your favorites.

Grand Prize Winner

The Bug Room

The Bug Room — Submitted by: Hansi Johnson

Best Fish

Best Scenic

Best Angler

First Prize

First Prize

First Prize

Grayling Kaleidoscope Staying late at the Pyramid, Pyramid Lake, NV Helping Hand

Grayling Kaleidoscope
Submitted by: Philip Smith

Staying late at the
Pyramid, Pyramid
Lake, NV

Submitted by: Mike Sevon

A Helpful Hand
Submitted by: Jordan Carey

Second Prize

Second Prize

Second Prize

CO Greenback Up Close! Jake and His Favorite TU Hat Greeting the Sun

Co Greenback Up Close!
Submitted by: Adam Barbour

Jake and His Favorite
TU Hat

Submitted by: Ted Vick

Greeting the Sun
Submitted by: Ken Gables

Third Prize

Third Prize

Third Prize

Hello Brown Lovely Deschutes Canyon Caster

Hello Brown
Submitted by: Adrian Ng

Lovely Deschutes
Submitted by: Beau Purvis

Canyon Caster
Submitted by: Matt Guymon


You can see all of the images that were submitted on the TU Facebook page, or look for them in future issues of Trout magazine, on TU.org or elsewhere that TU publishes images. We look forward to utilizing as many of these wonderful photographs as possible, they’re a great reminder of the many reasons we fight for cold, clean water and the places we love to fish.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to everyone who submitted photos or voted for the winners. Thanks also to our generous prize sponsors: R.L. Winston Rod Company, Tenkara USA, Costa Sunglasses and the Montana Fly Company. We’ll be looking forward to next year’s contest!


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