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25 Things to Make You a Better Angler: No. 3 “Love Small”

How often do you see a trout this size on the cover of a magazine?  I don’t remember if I ever have. I guess small fish don’t sell magazines.  I’m as guilty as any magazine editor of sticking with the … Continue reading

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Anglers: Keep California’s Upper Truckee Like It Is!

Trout Unlimited in California and California Trout are working cooperatively with other conservation partners, businesses and recreational interests on a grassroots campaign seeking Congressional Wild and Scenic designation for 32 miles of the Upper Truckee River, tributaries and lakes in … Continue reading

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What’s sexy about the Farm Bill?

OK, so not much, really. Unless you love to hunt and fish and understand how Farm Bill conservation programs serve to benefit fish and game habitat on private land all across America. That’s right. Private land. Farm Bill money goes … Continue reading

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It’s all about water

As anglers, we get it. Clean water translates into quality fishing. Of course, it goes well beyond that–it also translates into safe drinking water, healthy communities and an overall healthy ecosystem. Why, then, would anyone intentionally attempt make it easier … Continue reading

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Making rivers whole again

I was reminded the other day of just how big of an impact a single TU reconnect project can have on an entire river watershed. Consider that a recently completed fish passage on an old diversion dam on Wyoming’s Greybull River … Continue reading

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Guides: Gatekeepers or Profiteers?

Okay, that’s a loaded headline, and I put it there to grab attention (not my first online “rodeo”).  But I think it cuts to an important issue on the minds of many TU members, as well as would-be TU members.  … Continue reading

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Scratching That Itch

There is a magic to the river that comes with spring. You know it. It is that time when you hear the first red-wing do his oka-leeee from the willow patches, or hear the whistle and rhythm of a pair … Continue reading

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Taking good advice and ‘doing it all’

You might have seen a previous blog entry from TROUT Magazine’s editor, Kirk Deeter, on “doing it all” in order to hone your skills as an angler and venture farther down the path to becoming the “complete angler” we all … Continue reading

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Homemade Rod Tubes Cause Problems for Pilot and Secret Service

Pilot, fly fisherman, homemade rod tubes; airport security, bomb squad, secret service – Got your attention? As an avid fly fisherman, I have designed several versions of fly rod carriers to fit on the roof of my Explorer. At first, … Continue reading

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TU Takes Veterans Fishing in California

When I left the Marine Corps in 1986, I had a difficult time adjusting back into civilian life. I spent a lot of time in the backcountry – backpacking, hiking, hunting and fishing. It reconnected me to the natural world, … Continue reading

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