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TU Blogger Tour, Day One: Lake Trout Beware

Editor’s note: In June, TU, along with Simms, the Yellowstone Park Foundation and the Outdoor Blogger Network, held an essay contest. Two winners were selected to attend the second annual TU Blogger Tour–this year’s tour took place July 24-28 in … Continue reading

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Debate: Is Catch-and-Release Over-Hyped?

One thing the past few years of blogging have taught me is that nothing sparks a heated debate among anglers quite like the topic of catch-and-release fishing does.  (Which, of course, is exactly why I’m dropping the puck on catch-and-release … Continue reading

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Dad’s night out

They are as different as they can be in many ways, I suppose. You bring them into the world from the same genetic background, you think you raise them pretty much the same. And then, for some inexplicable reason, you … Continue reading

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How to succeed in life? Take a kid fishing

I got into conservation at eight years old.  I pushed and punched my way through the legs of a group of lifeguards that were tormenting a sand-shark down the shore.  I carried that fish back to the water as my … Continue reading

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Clean energy AND conservation? Then by all means, let the wind blow.

I live in a part of Wyoming where the winds blow regularly with hurricane force–literally. Weathermen break our forecast into two parts–sustained winds and wind gusts, as in “We will have SUNNY skies today with sustained winds at 40-50 miles … Continue reading

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Drink a brew, save a fish

Coffee and fishing seem to go together. I know for me, a strong cup of joe helps get me up and on the water for that morning hatch. So it seems natural that TU’s Washington Water Project has announced a partnership … Continue reading

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Friday 5: Protecting Hermosa, Connecticut River salmon, and a little love for the BTT

It was a big week for fish and fishing. Here are five things to consider as you head into the weekend. Stay cool, stay hydrated … and enjoy the ‘hopper hatch: 1) This week, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennett introduced a … Continue reading

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At the risk of beginning with a blinding flash of the obvious, I’d like to say something: It’s hot. No kidding, you say. It’s so hot I saw a jackrabbit carrying a hydration pack. It’s so hot my chickens are … Continue reading

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Conservation nerds and the tale of Hermosa Creek

Here at TU, we spend a lot of time talking about watersheds. We conservation nerds can find the most befuddling things to occupy the hours of the day. But, much to the dismay of our poor, bored-to-tears spouses and significant … Continue reading

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TU and Orvis team up on rod swap to benefit young anglers

Donated fly rods for TU’s Headwaters Youth Programhave been arriving at my Asheville TU office in all manner of packages: rectangular, round, square, triangular…heptagonal (just kidding).  Some rods are given “priority” treatment in order to arrive, while others tumble road-weary … Continue reading

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