A wasted effort or a resource worth protecting?

We recently received the following letter on TU’s ongoing efforts to protect and restore the fragile Apache trout. What do you think? Worthwhile or a waste of time?

“Not another story about Apache trout (Winter 2012)!  What is your obsession with this obscure, apparently inept species? Who cares what happens to them? What miniscule percentage of TU anglers have fished for (or even flown over) these fish? News flash: Since right after the beginning of time, species have come and gone. It’s the survival of the fittest out there. To cry that the sky is falling whenever an ill-adapted species disappears is lousy logic. Yes, much needs to be done to improve the environment, but your focus on obscure causes is a distraction from much larger issues affecting wild fisheries and the folks who enjoy it.” John R.

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