Embrace-a-Stream … TU’s grassroots at work

This year, TU distributed nearly $120,000 in annual Embrace-a-Stream grants for work on 22 projects in 13 states. Each project is getting an average of $5,400 this year.

The Tualatin Valley and Clackamas chapters of TU, working on the "Restoring the Runs Embrace-a-Stream project in Washington.

And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. TU chapters who applied for, and received, these grants can then use the money provided through TU’s Embrace-a-Stream program as matching leverage for more grant money and in-kind contributions. What’s more, these projects allow TU members to become active participants in TU’s efforts to protect, reconnect, restore and sustain our nation’s trout and salmon fisheries. In other words, the EAS program allows passionate anglers the chance to be a part of the TU community, and to channel the passion they have for fishing into the effort to protect our sporting heritage.

The work done on streams and rivers all over the country today will make beneficiaries of this good work out of the next generation of avid fly fishers. The Embrace-a-Stream program, funded by volunteers and TU members from every corner of the country, is TU’s own little “circle of life.” Members donate to TU. TU, in turn, takes grant applications from chapters and councils all across America, and then awards significant funding to projects that have the best chance of improving fisheries, both for today, and for generations to come.

And giving to TU’s Embrace-a-Stream program has never been easier. Simply click here and select the amount of your gift. In return for your donation, you’ll get some great gear. For those giving $1,000, you’ll get a sweet Mystic Aus Sable fly rod and a Ross Fly Rise reel.

And, as an aside, I got the chance to fish with a Mystic rod recently, albeit not the Au Sable. I was flats fishing in the Bahamas and I’m headed to south Texas next week, where I plan to put the Mystic Tremor through its paces one more time. Bottom line: Mystic makes a great fly rod … I’m already planning my assault on carp here at home with the Tremor later this spring.

Both Mystic and Ross are long-time friends of TU, and we’re grateful for their support of our very important Embrace-a-Stream program.

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