NC Mountain Streams and Wild Brookies: TU’s On the Rise

Ashville's rhododendron-lined streams hold many brook trout.

This week’s episode of On the Rise takes viewers to the picturesque town of Asheville, North Carolina, where local mountain streams are teeming with wild brookies.  Jed Fiebelkorn, the host of the show, meets up with TU staffer Damon Hearne, who shows him some of the hot fishing spots in the area.

TU staff work mainly on land protection issues here. Hearne and Fiebelkorn fish near a property in the Pisgah National Forest along the North Mills River where TU has been worked to protect from development. When you see the beautiful fish they pull out of some of the pools there, you will see why it was an important place to protect.

Check out the show tonight or three additional times this week on the Sportsman Channel–it will make you want to put this spot on your list of places to fish.




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