So… What Do You Want to Read About?

One of my elementary school teachers gently but firmly imparted an important lesson by reminding me that I was born with two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Many years later, that lesson came full circle when my first newspaper editor reminded me that if I spent twice the time listening as I do writing, I might just make it in this business.

And so here I am, finally settling into the role of editor with TROUT magazine, and I want to throw you the simple question: What do you want to read about?  Both in the magazine and on the blog…

Granted, you can expect to read about hot issues relevant to trout fishing in North America.  You’re going to hear plenty about the threats and challenges to our best waters.  And you’ll also read a lot more about the people who are doing great things on behalf of trout.  Everybody wants to hear more about what’s happening in their region… so tell us what to cover.

But we want to have fun also.  What else interests you?  Are you interested in taking on some “hotter” issues like public access and the role hatcheries play in the future of trout fishing.  Are there “good dams and bad dams?”  How do you feel about the topic of climate change?

Should we mix in some “how to” stuff?  A little travel?  Should we talk more about conventional tackle, or stick to fly fishing as the focus?

Do you just want to see more big fish like this brown trout, or do you also want to know that it was caught by sight fishing on a spring creek with a size #10 grasshopper fly?

I’m all ears.

Well two ears anyway.

But still only one mouth.

-Kirk Deeter

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