Target Replaces Farmed Salmon with Alaska Wild


Alaska wild salmon got a huge boost from a national retail chain in January. Target pledged to stop selling farmed salmon in all of its 1,744 stores across the United States and to replace it with wild Alaska salmon. This unprecedented decision by a large U.S. retailer marks the first time that wild Alaska salmon will replace farmed salmon in a major grocery store chain.

With the proposed Pebble mine and other resource development threatening Bristol Bay, Alaska, and its healthy sockeye salmon fishery — the world’s largest –  Target’s commitment to Alaska’s wild salmon is critical and deserves applause. Target’s decision adds value to Alaska’s salmon fisheries and helps protect the things Alaska wild salmon need to stay healthy and productive: clean water and pristine habitat. Learn more at

Listen to Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Policy Director, Shoren Brown, discuss Target’s decision on “Good Day with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert.”  Tune in to Radio America at 8:15am EST on February 13th. Find the station nearest you at

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