Thanks for Giving!

My son Cory on Lost Horse Creek in Montana

“Thanksgiving, to be truly thanksgiving, is first thanks, then giving.” — Anonymous

I am grateful for clear, clean wild rivers, streams, lakes and healthy, intact watersheds;

I am grateful there remains special, wild places that still sustain an abundance and diversity of  wild trout, salmon and steelhead;

I am grateful there remains beautiful, wild places where I can spend wonderful days attempting to deceive wild fish with an elk hair caddis, tied myself with hair from a wild elk I successfully hunted;

I am grateful I had a loving father who not only taught me to fish, but taught me of the critical connection between healthy habitat and good fishing;

My father and I on Rock Creek, Montana

I am grateful I have a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent son who not only loves to fish, but already understands the critical connection between healthy habitat and good fishing;

I am grateful that there are wonderful, caring, conscientious anglers and others all over North America who work diligently to protect, restore, sustain and give back to all that we are grateful for;

I am grateful for Trout Unlimited and its dedicated volunteers, members and staff.

Thanks for giving!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Please feel free to share what you are grateful for.

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