“The Guy From Trout Unlimited” (and the Benefits of Salmon Nutrients)

TU California Science Director Rene Henery

Television Reporters Anna Laurel and Monty Torres of KMPH Fox 26 news, out of Fresno, California, recently covered a story about the release of  Chinook salmon in the upper San Joaquin River – an historic milestone not only for the San Joaquin Restoration Program but for conservation in California, as this group of salmon will be the first to spawn in the upper San Joaquin River in half a century!

After the completion of Friant Dam by the federal government in the 1940s, nearly 95 percent of the river’s flow was diverted. As a result, 60 miles of the river ran dry, the second largest salmon population in the state was lost, and local fish and wildlife populations declined. The recent translocation and release of adult fall-run salmon is the latest step in the revitalization of California’s second longest river.

TU California Science Director Rene Henery was featured in the news segment, stating:

“In California in general, salmon nutrients were critical to all of the life living around our big river complex, including people. So this is the beginning of putting those nutrients back into the San Joaquin system.”

After that clip the camera took viewers back to a view of the reporters in the studio, where Monty Torres said:

“Never really thought about how much salmon seem to ad to the river as he was saying.”

Reporter Anna Laurel responded:

“I know. It’s interesting when you hear the guy from Trout Unlimited start talking about it – and it’s not just the other wildlife, but humans too!”

Indeed! A good, informative story . . . and worth passing on!

Check it out:

KMPH Fox 26 News: Chinook Salmon Released into San Joaquin

For more information about the historic release of Chinook in the upper San Joaquin, check out Rene Henery’s recent blog:

Historic Milestone: Chinook Are Back In California’s Upper San Joaquin.


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