Top TU volunteer awarded with Patagonia Sur adventure

Leones River

Casting a fly to wild Patagonian trout and salmon is atop many an angler’s bucket list. What better way to say thank you to Peg Keller? One of the founding members of TU’s Coldwater Conservation Fund, an avid fly fisher, and one of the most influential women in the angling community, TU is sending Peg to Patagonia for the fly fishing experience of a lifetime.

Thanks to TU’s unique partnership with The Patagonia Sur Reserves in Chile, TU awarded Peg a trip for two where she’ll have the opportunity to chase brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, coho, king and Atlantic salmon during her trip to Patagonia Sur’s sprawling properties in southern Chile.

We wanted to spoil Peg a bit and find a trip that epitomizes Peg’s and TU’s commitment to great fishing, and the need to protect and celebrate what the great outdoors has to offer. So on this trip, Peg will also enjoy unmatched ecotourism opportunities to see glacier-coated volcanoes, ocean safaris that feature blue whales, sea lions and penguins, and the verdant forests of the region that now enjoy permanent protection as a result of Patagonia Sur’s work. And, of course, knowing Peg, she’ll key in on some of the most incredible fly fishing on earth. The Reserve’s pristine trout and salmon streams—like the Palena, El Tigre, Azul, and Futaleufu or several other rivers, streams and lakes—get little pressure, and are home to wild fish that are both resident and anadromous.

Peg Keller… on her way to Patagonia.

TU is proud of its partnership with Patagonia Sur, and we’re pleased to be able to offer all our members the chance to experience some of the best of Chilean Patagonia at a whopping 25 percent discount. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities with Patagonia Sur, know that your adventure will help fund conservation efforts in the region—keeping Patagonia’s wild lands intact is a huge priority for Patagonia Sur — and you’ll have the opportunity to experience some of the wildest, most intact fish and wildlife habitat left in the world. We definitely recommend you take a look at the short video on the incredible experience you’ll have if you visit The Patagonia Sur Reserves.

And we congratulate Peg Keller on a lifetime of conservation work, much of which she has done on behalf of TU and our work here in America to protect, reconnect and restore our own trout and salmon fisheries. Through her foresight, and the creation of the Coldwater Conservation Fund, TU has been able to invest millions of dollars into improving trout and salmon habitat from coast to coast. And, of course, anglers are the direct beneficiaries of that investment—improving our habitat makes fishing better. Simple as that.


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