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Who Shops with a Conscience Anymore?

The National Retail Federation estimates that 147 million Americans–roughly half the population–went shopping in one form or another last weekend.  Personally, I avoided the malls like the plague.  Some people consider shopping “sport.”  I do not.  I consider it a necessary … Continue reading

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Top TU volunteer awarded with Patagonia Sur adventure

Casting a fly to wild Patagonian trout and salmon is atop many an angler’s bucket list. What better way to say thank you to Peg Keller? One of the founding members of TU’s Coldwater Conservation Fund, an avid fly fisher, … Continue reading

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How to Tie John Gribb’s “SB” Foam Mayfly

As promised in “Beyond Fur and Feathers,” a story on the fly tying innovatons of TU member John Gribb that ran in the Fall 2012 issue of TROUT magazine, here is the recipe for John’s “SB” (which stands for seat … Continue reading

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Are We Neglecting the East in TROUT?

As you know, I’m relatively new to this job as editor of TROUT magazine, and I certainly want to shape this publication in a way that satisfies the interests of all TU members (and potential members), no matter where they … Continue reading

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Stream Etiquette: How Much Should We Be Involved?

  The issue of how anglers treat each other when they’re on the water can sometimes have as much impact on “quality fishing experiences” as things like the health of rivers and lakes in the first place.  And this problem … Continue reading

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Debate: Do Most Anglers Care Too Much About “How Many,” and Not Enough About “How?”

At day’s end, when you bump into your fishing buddy along the river, what’s the first thing you ask each other? “How’d you do out there?”  Which, of course, is angler-speak for “how many fish did you catch?” Now I’d … Continue reading

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Debate: Is Catch-and-Release Over-Hyped?

One thing the past few years of blogging have taught me is that nothing sparks a heated debate among anglers quite like the topic of catch-and-release fishing does.  (Which, of course, is exactly why I’m dropping the puck on catch-and-release … Continue reading

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Worth more than gold…

Friends: If the White House and EPA do not initiate the process to protect Bristol Bay before the end of July, it is unlikely to get done in a first term of President Obama’s Administration; and that would come as … Continue reading

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So… What Do You Want to Read About?

One of my elementary school teachers gently but firmly imparted an important lesson by reminding me that I was born with two ears and one mouth for a reason. Many years later, that lesson came full circle when my first … Continue reading

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Keep the tradition alive!

Chances are you caught a love for fishing from a parent, grandparent, sibling or friend. They took you out on the river at an hour of the day that seemed ungodly early, or cold, or hot. They set you up with … Continue reading

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