TU Signs Historic Klamath Restoration Agreement

After nearly a decade of contentious negotiations, farmers, tribes, conservationists and politicians gathered on February 18 to sign the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, paving the way to remove the four mainstem Klamath River dams by 2020. The dams have blocked migration and caused toxic algae blooms and deadly fish pathogens, decimating native salmon and steelhead populations. Removal will open 350 miles of habitat in California and Oregon in a river system that used to be among the most productive for salmon.

TU’s California Director Chuck Bonham has been working on the Klamath since 2002, and TU’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Wood credits Bonham for his vision in this “herculean effort.”

Photographer, videographer  and Klamath restoration partner Thomas Dunklin was onhand for the event, and captured these videos.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declares, “it’s time to say hasta la vista to the Klamath dams.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger: I’ll be back! from Thomas B. Dunklin on Vimeo.

Yurok Tribe Chair Thomas O’Rourke speaks about what the agreement means for his tribe.

Thomas O’Rourke_Chairman of the Yurok Tribe from Thomas B. Dunklin on Vimeo.

Read more at the Klamath River Restoration Agreement website or watch this KTVU San Francisco news report featuring TU’s Brian Johnson. See what’s at stake first-hand in Dunklin’s underwater salmon photos.

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