Why we are TU: Passion

Passion. This is what unites us all as TU members. We are passionate anglers, passionate about conserving the outdoors, and passionate when sharing our experiences with others. River RallyThere are many ways we express that passion:

  • At the most basic level, we simply get out on the water, literally immerse ourselves in the cold liquid truth of nature, and viscerally exude the passion through fluid casting and dynamic reeling – adrenaline pumping through our veins as we catch a piece of the wild
  • Many of us also then become TU members because we want to unite with others who share the love both of fishing and of the places we need to protect for ourselves and future generations
  • At times we can be too busy, so know that we can still express our passion by giving back financially. Whether it is the thousands who have become lifetime members or those who have helped us meet and exceed the TU Board Challenge this year – no matter if it was $5 or $1,000 it all made a huge difference

But what inspired me to finally sit down and write my thoughts was seeing committed TU members and others coming together to: Express our passion and shout it from the roof tops for others to hear. Although the goal for our Colorado TU leaders was very targeted to getting the EPA to finally understand that Colorado’s mountain streams are loved by many outdoor enthusiasts (basically 90% of people who live in Colorado) and should be protected, I believe it had much greater meaning. I believe that it is events like this that ultimately bind us together for common purpose. They allow us to celebrate. They allow us to get mad. They allow us to see that our passion for angling has greater meaning. They allow us to be bold. They allow us to have fun. They allow us to lead. They allow us to be proud and announce who we are. They show us that we are an army that can mobilize to make a difference. And they help us reach out to others to join us in something powerful. What an amazing membership-volunteer-family-leader-army we have. Great work CTU.

What is that? It is TU. It is passion.

About Dietmar Grimm

I truly have come to love fly fishing and feel humbled that it is part of my job here at TU.
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